The composition of our Advisory Board and paid work team reflects Esperanza Community Farms members and regional supporters who have demonstrated full-family dedication to the overall health of the Pajaro Valley.

We stand for a holistic and inclusive approach to using our current assets, personal experiences and collective skills to understand the conditions in which we live in order to transform them in the direction of financially- accessible, organic and high-quality produce, as a transformative aspect of living fully healthy lives.

All advisors were CSA box recipients in the first two years of the program. Membership ranges from very-low income to middle income, from monolingual Spanish-speaking to Native English & bilingual, and from formally educated to primary school education completion.

We are intentional in our search for members who are diverse in the many different aspects that our program addresses, including diagnosis of diabetes, parenthood, professional roles in positions of power/authority and race. 


  • 1/3 acre in production
  • 16 CSA member families
  • 12 week CSA program
  • 4% of total revenue from crops


  • 3/4 acre in production
  • 50 CSA member families
  • 24 week CSA program
  • 16% of total revenue from crops


  • 2 acres in production
  • 115 CSA member families
  • 22 week CSA program
  • 6-person leadership team
  • 17-member volunteer team
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