Esperanza Community Farms Highlights 2023

Esperanza Community Farms | Highlights 2023

We are very happy to be able to share all these achievements with you, this is more than just numbers or words, for us it is a true pride to be part of an organization in which we concluded a year full of projects, people, smiles and many pounds of union in the community. ¡Gracias a todos!

2023 Harvesting Equity

with Dolores Huerta and Ann López.

At this conference, we had the opportunity to sow seeds of justice and equity with Santa Cruz, Watsonville, and Pajaro Valley communities. Our Co-leader Mireya Gomez Contreras was the presenter of this inspiring event where, for more than 3 hours we were able to connect and share with activists for the rights of agricultural workers, Dolores Huerta and Dr. Ann López, Director of the Center for Working Families del Campo, as well as recognizing the opportunities that local and organic agriculture offers to achieve food justice in communities such as Pajaro Valley and Watsonville.

The seeds of justice were planted that afternoon to promote food equality and economic justice in our community.


2022 fue un año maravilloso para Esperanza Community Farms, recordemos juntos los momentos más destacados de un año increíble.


The Food Justice conference we had in October opened the door to sharing and connecting directly with the region’s youth, students, and farmers.

La conferencia sobre Justicia Alimentaria que tuvimos en Octubre, abrió la puerta para conocer y conectar directamente con jóvenes, estudiantes y agricultores de la región.



Co-founded by Mesa Verde Gardens Founder/former Director and 2 longtime Mesa Verde gardeners

CSA program launch 2017 with 16 members; 30 in 2018; 105 in 2020

Recruit skilled farmworkers as farmers, support them in acquiring organic ag skills

Cultivate produce varieties based on CSA members’ preferred dietary staples

New member outreach in traditionally excluded communities

Egalitarian internal organization and compensation structure