De la granja a la Cafetería

From left to right, Karla Leyva (youth leader), Jesus Basulto (youth leader), and Alma Leonor-Sanchez (project manager). 2022

Farm 2 Cafeteria is a student-led program that focuses on bringing local organic produce to schools in the form of a salad. F2C began in August of 2021 with field trips to Esperanza Community Farms, where students planned and designed the program. During the Summer of 2022, student leaders served over 400 salads to summer school students at Pajaro Valley High School. Now, students lead in chopping and preparing the salads to be served to their peers during lunch at PV.

De la Granja a la Cafetería es un programa dirigido por estudiantes que se enfoca en llevar producto local y orgánico a las escuelas en forma de una ensalada. F2C empezó en agosto de 2021 con estudiantes visitando Esperanza Community Farms, donde ellos planearon y diseñaron el programa. Durante el verano del 2022, los líderes estudiantiles prepararon más de 400 ensaladas a los estudiantes de los cursos de verano en Pajaro Valley High School. Ahora, los estudiantes pican y preparan las ensaladas para estar listas durante el almuerzo en PV.

This bilingual film showcases Pajaro Valley Unified School District and the power of youth leadership in the Farm-To-School movement.

The short film Farm to School premiered at the 2023 Watsonville Film Festival. It was co-produced with Esperanza Community Farms and directed by Inspira Studios.

Through our California Food for California Kids® initiative, the Center for Ecoliteracy supports school districts like Pajaro Valley Unified in serving fresh, locally-grown school meals. We are grateful for this community’s support and engagement, especially for the involvement of the committed students featured in the film.

Harvest Delights: Highlights of the 2023 Season

The 2023 season was an outstanding success! Our dedicated team delivered a total of 315 salads, serving 70 wholesome salads per week at the high school. Here you can read our 2023 Report. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing nutritious and delicious options for the school community.

Nurturing Growth: The born of a Wonderful Program in the 2021 and 2022 Seasons

Here’s to a season filled with fresh flavors and healthy choices, learn or listen more about F2C

A podcast about a partnership between Esperanza Community Farms and Pajaro Valley High School with Alma Leonor-Sanchez, Jesus Basulto, Karla Leyva.

Listen to the Podcast Climate, Food, & Justice: Farm to School Cafeteria Project in Watsonville, CA

Great Guest Quote: “A lot of people think that climate change and food justice, they’re problems that are out of our league. But change can be made anywhere and you just have to start.” – Karla Leyva